Discovering distant shores.

Like any self-respecting twenty-something, I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m not sure where the thought came from or why I think anything I write will have any relevance for anyone but me. Maybe I am finally falling into the stereotype of my generation: that we are over-sharers who believe our thoughts are of the utmost importance to everyone else in the world. Whatever the exact reason, I realize that I just need a place to articulate (somewhat clumsily) my thoughts about things that I find important. ¬†When I was still in school, I managed to work these thoughts into my assignments and class discussions. Now that I live alone and have joined the workforce, I have little outlet for such thoughts, so I’ll put them here instead. I also think that I am on precipice of some big changes in my life, a shift in my circumstances if you will, and a venue to explore those changes is important.¬†Please feel free to share your thoughts as well. I believe that debate and discussion are the best parents of better systems and ideas. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll all learn something in the process.