Dear President Obama,

You’re probably very tired. I know I would be if I were you. You have had to stand in the White House Press Briefing room and share condolences with too many families, communities, and towns. You urge Congress to act, and you promote sensible gun control legislation to no avail. Willie Geist put it best this morning on MSNBC: if 20 6 year olds did not move Congress to act, nothing will. Today, people are fighting about the gunman’s causation, they are fighting about next steps, they are fighting about freedoms, and bathrooms, and continue to try to legislate love. I don’t agree with you on everything, it would be weird if I did. Too many citizens seek a politician that matches them perfectly and can get elected. That doesn’t exist. But, I empathize with the struggle you have endured with Congress, the media and the American people for the past eight years, yet I can never fully understand it. I am a 28 year old straight white woman who voted for Bernie. I know nothing about the struggles of a biracial man who holds the highest office of our country and is the leader of the free world.

I write to you because I woke up this morning feeling the weight of yesterday’s tragedy on my shoulders. I work in student affairs on a college campus, and thankfully, students have left campus for the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. Oftentimes, my office becomes a space for discussing current events and I am usually happy to host, but I don’t know that I have any more words; of comfort, of explanation, of rationality. Today would have been even harder than it was if the students had still been on campus. I advise our student government and this year I helped them to draft a statement of equality and social justice. It was important to them to make a statement after Mizzou and other campus incidents, but even these young adults squabbled for weeks over the wording. If college students are supposed our future, I am trying my best to prepare them to be good citizens and more importantly, good humans. I no longer have faith in Congress, but I have faith in them. Certainly, you can relate.

I apologize for the delay in reaching my point but here it is.  Please don’t stop fighting. For sensible gun control legislation. For our disenfranchised communities. For future generations. I know the clock is ticking on your Presidency, but please don’t give up.  Your persistence in the face of terrible discrimination is what provides hope for those of us who are working for a better future. Your persistence is admirable. And while I truly believe that future historians will “tell your story” well and kindly, please remember that our new favorite playwright reminds us that “history has its eyes on you….” You have done so much for this country and I just hope that you keep fighting until your very last day in office. America needs you to lead. Thank you for answering the call. Ribbon LGBT

Discovering distant shores.

Like any self-respecting twenty-something, I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m not sure where the thought came from or why I think anything I write will have any relevance for anyone but me. Maybe I am finally falling into the stereotype of my generation: that we are over-sharers who believe our thoughts are of the utmost importance to everyone else in the world. Whatever the exact reason, I realize that I just need a place to articulate (somewhat clumsily) my thoughts about things that I find important.  When I was still in school, I managed to work these thoughts into my assignments and class discussions. Now that I live alone and have joined the workforce, I have little outlet for such thoughts, so I’ll put them here instead. I also think that I am on precipice of some big changes in my life, a shift in my circumstances if you will, and a venue to explore those changes is important. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well. I believe that debate and discussion are the best parents of better systems and ideas. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll all learn something in the process.