I am so happy I was wrong…

I mean it. I wrote a blog post in May saying that I support Bernie Sanders. Which I still do. But, I also wrote that I didn’t think he would be able to raise enough money to compete with the other candidates. I was so wrong and I am truly happy about that.

Just look at this!

Bernie Fundraising

I have believed in Bernie since he announced but I was so unsure that politics as usual could be defeated. Alas, I was wrong and now I am more hopeful than ever.

I volunteered for a Bernie Sanders campaign event in Boston in September and when I arrived on site for training, there was maybe 50 of us, then there were 100, then 150, and then 200 and change. The member of campaign team was amazed (it was cold and rainy out that Friday night) and said that the numbers were more than double what he expected to get. I stood in the crowd and was beaming.  Beaming, because it felt at that moment, that this might actually work.  That an Independent Senator from Vermont might actually be able to win the nomination for the Democratic party. That volunteer experience was amazing and the night of his speech, the venue was overflowing. Thankfully, they were able to arrange for the folks who didn’t get in to watch his speech outside on the Lawn on D on large screens broadcasting the candidate. And even though they were able to watch from outside, Bernie made a point to go outside and speak to those people who waited out in the cold, face to face.

I am so excited to finally be able to vote in a primary, having moved back to Massachusetts. Since I am considered an un-enrolled voter, I can declare a party on primary election day and then vote. I couldn’t do that in Maine.

Bernie Sanders has gone above and beyond expectations. I hope his numbers continue to rise and that the people show up for him in New Hampshire and Iowa. I will be waiting excitedly for the results on March 1.

I need him to do well, because the other side is incredibly terrifying and his numbers in a general election are better that Hillary’s. I need him to do well, because I am scared of what the next eight years could bring. We living at a terrifying time. Not to say that other generations did not have their own terrifying moments in history, but the way that we all experience the world and how technology and globalization have changed our day to day experiences make now all the more nerve-wracking. Enemies without borders and online attacks are just the tip of the iceberg and our domestic issues are no less worrisome.

remain sane

The questions are tremendously hard and the answers are always complicated. I hope for a Commander in Chief that is a person of conviction, but also someone who understands that it is not practical to think in absolutes.

As I write this, a news alert just popped up on my phone to let me know that North Korea has announced that they have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

The world is a scary place right now, and so it our presidential candidate pool. I #BelieveinBernie and hope with all of my might that the next couple months of his campaign are even better than the last few.




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