or “Why the 27 year old women wants to vote for the old white guy from Vermont.”

I am not enrolled in a political party. I am usually moderately leaning left. I hate the political party system that we have in the US of A. I hate that it costs millions and millions of dollars to run for political office, specifically when you are trying to land in the oval-shaped one.

I want a woman president as much as the next feminist, but I don’t want Hillary. I don’t want Hillary because she is part of the system; she is part of the problem.  When you start seeing the same names over and over in the office of power that is called a monarchy, not a democracy. Now instead of just a two-party system, we are moving towards a two-family system: Clinton and Bush. Can we not find a candidate that is not a part of those two family trees?

Now that is not the only reason I support Bernie Sanders. I actually believe in his campaign and what he stands for, mostly because I actually know what he stands for. He doesn’t pander, he doesn’t waffle.  He stands behind his convictions and is willing to challenge his colleagues to real conversations and dialogue. And no, I don’t agree with him on everything, but I don’t think you can ever really find a candidate that you can agree with 100%.

However, I am realist and I unfortunately know that this game show is rigged.  Unless something dramatically changes in the next year and a half and we have a major grassroots movement in this country, Bernie Sanders will never make it out of the primaries, he won’t be able to raise enough money. He won’t be able to raise enough money because the people who believe in him are too poor to donate to his campaign.  They are the recent college grads and the dwindling, blue-collar, middle class folks, and the environmentalists who likely aren’t making any money. And that is the saddest part of all, because the elections are not really in the hands of the voters, they are in the hands of the lobbyists and billionaires who can afford to pay for lawn signs and air time. It’s all very absurd.

And so, once again, I know I may be selecting a losing candidate.  I know I am backing the underdog. But, I am hoping beyond hope that this time is different. That this time my generation gets off its ass and gets to the polls and makes an informed decision. I am hoping that Americans realize that politics as usual is going to give us “results” as usual. I am hoping that people realize that we should leave the religious teachings to the rabbis, preachers, priests, and imams. I am hoping that voters realize that scientists should be trusted, not censored. I am hoping that Americans realize that we deserve better and that Bernie Sanders could be that candidate.

And so I will support the Sanders campaign however I can, until he is sitting in that oval room or until he has withdrawn his candidacy. But I refuse to jump onto a campaign just because that candidate is the front-runner.  Being the front-runner doesn’t necessarily mean you are the right person for the job, it usually just means your donors’ pockets are deeper.

#IBelieveinBernie #Sanders2016


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