“Am I living it right?” -John Mayer

Today was a snow day for the majority of the East Coast, and for us Higher Ed types that just gave us more reason to participate in the weekly #sachat.  Typically, I follow the chat while I get other work done in the office. Now, I could say that I usually lurk strictly because I have too much to do, but that would be a lie. More often than not, I am really just too afraid to add my two cents. Yes, I am afraid. In a field that I consider to be much more forgiving than others, I am still afraid to insert my opinion into the conversation. Today was a little bit different, but not much.

I’m sure this fear derives from the usual suspects: fear of rejection, of an inability to articulate properly, or of just being plain wrong. And as I begin this journey of blogging about various topics, including higher ed, my fear is evident here as well. The thoughts creep in: “Do I really know what I am talking about? Will anyone even care?”

I am not looking for followers, but to some degree, I am looking for affirmation.  Many SA Folks have been blogging a lot recently about why they blog, what are the driving forces and I am not really going to get into that here. But, what I learned today from the #sachat and from reading other bloggers is that we are incredibly caught up in why we choose to share and why knowing why is important. And I agree, knowing what drives us to share certain things and not others is important. In fact, I think it is an incredibly interesting thing to figure it out.  However, I believe that knowing why shouldn’t alter what we choose to share. If it does, then we are filtering our opinions before they even get a chance to be fully developed.

What I will say is that my blog posts will be an accurate representation of topics I wish I had more opportunities to discuss with other people. I will not have all the information and I do not claim to be an expert in anything that I plan on writing about, except maybe the environment, I have an entire degree in that. 🙂

In conclusion, I have no idea if I am doing this (blogging, #SoMe, my first years as a professional) right. And I guess that’s okay; that’s how I will learn, right? People will either read what I write or they won’t. I want to contribute, I want to add value to the conversation, but maybe I won’t.  Maybe my thoughts will be for me and me alone; a means for me to flush out my opinions. And that’s okay. I will just continue to hum John Mayer’s “Why Georgia” in my head until I figure it out.


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